Yamaha DC7 Mark IV Pro Disklavier Grand Piano

 All the benefit of the definitive 7 1/2 foot acoustic grand piano of choice for studio recording plus the flexibility of MIDI I/O.

  • Capture every note and every nuance of your performance, tweak the mistakes in MIDI, and record it again "fixed and scrubbed".
  • Re-record a super clean "no bleed" piano track to build new vocals or instrumentals on top of.
  • Route your piano MIDI performance to layer a string or synth patch on top of the phenomenal acoustic piano sound of the DC7.
  • Route your piano MIDI performance to an Ivory Fazioli, Bosendorfer, or Steinway sample.

Bridging the gap between fantastic acoustic piano and the vast flexibility of MIDI opens a whole world of options. What can you do with it?


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